Doberman Vs Rottweiler

Doberman vs Rottweiler – You Make The Choice


If you’ve narrowed your search for a pet down to Doberman vs Rottweiler, you probably have a fairly good idea of what you’re looking for, and it probably isn’t a Yorkshire Terrier. In making a choice between Doberman vs Rottweiler, you’re going to find a number of things, both good and bad, the two breeds have in common. There are enough differences however to help make the choice a reasonably easy one, if you take the time to examine both breeds, and you know what it is you’re looking for. You won’t find the answer here, but you may find enough in the way of comparisons to help you come to a decision.


Size And Reputation


If a large, strong dog is what you want, a Doberman will fill the bill, plus the fact that it is a sleek, and somewhat elegant looking breed. The Rottweiler is also a large, strong dog. The Rottweiler is not sleek and elegant looking however, but is stocky and muscular, and has a look that conveys power.


Both breeds have a bad reputation, which is unfair, since both breeds can be great companions and family dogs if properly brought up, which includes socializing and obedience training. We often picture the Doberman as a vicious animal guarding the interior of a large department store after hours, and the Rottweiler as a dog you wouldn’t want living next door, whether you have small children or not. Yet, both breeds can be gentle, loving dogs when properly trained. Both breeds also make excellent watchdogs and guardians when properly trained.


Bad Bloodlines Can Make A Selection Risky


One has to be a little careful when selecting a puppy, or an adult for that matter. While a Yorkshire Terrier or a Beagle that has undesirable bloodlines could be a nuisance, a Rottweiler or a Doberman having undesirable bloodlines could be downright dangerous. For the most part however, Dobermans can best be described as being serious and somewhat imposing looking, which can often provide all the protection one may need. The Rottweiler tends to be a rather even-tempered dog, but at the same time it is a very courageous animal. Dobermans who are not well trained can be neurotic, aggressive, prone to biting, and sometimes hyperactive. Rottweilers who are not well trained can be fearful, or dangerously aggressive.


Rambunctious, Protective, And Cat Chasers


Both breeds tend to be very rambunctious when young, with the Rottweiler sometimes causing more problems in that respect because of its more powerful build. Both breeds tend to be protective, and as a result need to be trained not to be aggressive. Neither breed is terribly social towards other dogs, or at least towards other dogs of the same sex, and both have to be trained not to chase – or kill – cats.


Other Characteristics Regarding Temperament


Dobermans can be quite sensitive, and seem to be especially so when they find themselves in the midst of a tense situation, such as a heated family argument. The breed does not always do well in a household where there is constant hustle and bustle. The Doberman tends to look for reassurance that all is well, and may even bite defensively if it becomes afraid of what is going on in its surroundings. The Rottweiler on the other hand is a headstrong breed, and may be unfazed by any arguments raging about it. It may in some cases even want to join in. Rottweilers can be obstinate at times, and will often test its owner to see who the dominant one is. Neither breed is a good breed to have around small children, especially small, noisy children.


It’s A Tie, Except For The Drooling Part


Both Dobermans and Rottweilers are short-haired breeds. Both look like dogs who do not shed a lot. The fact is, both breeds do shed a lot, and will leave their short hairs everywhere in the house or in the car. The Doberman has a slight advantage by being a breed that, although it sheds, does not drool. Rottweilers tend to drool. Some drool a lot. Some Rottweilers, particularly the adult males, will leave a trail of water from the water dish to wherever it is they may be going after taking a drink. Where shedding is concerned, Doberman vs Rottweiler is probably a tie, if drooling is seen as being a potential problem, go with the Doberman.


Health Issues


Neither breed is particularly well known for good health or longevity. There are old Dobermans, and old Rottweilers, but they are often unhealthy dogs. Both breeds are noted for the health issues they bring to the table.   Dobermans are prone to both heart disease and cancer, and Rottweilers are prone to heart disease, cancer, and bone and joint issues.


Both dogs are “a lot of dog” to have to manage or handle, and neither is apt to make a good pet for a first time dog owner, or anyone who is not able to handle a large, strong dog. As gentle and obedient as either of these two breeds can be when properly brought up, neither breed is remotely like a Golden Retriever in temperament, nor like a Yorkshire Terrier for that matter.